Can Time Really Heal You Or Not?

There is no quick or easy answer to this question. No one who’s been through a heartbreak can deny the chaos and emotional devastation that it brings.

And the truth is that a breakup is difficult for both people involved, no matter who initiated it. And the healing process will happen on both sides. But of course, it’s much harder when you’re the one experiencing rejection.

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You can’t imagine there will come a day when you can wake up and not have your ex on your mind. In those moments right after the tragedy happened (for it is very much a tragedy), you believe you’ll never be able to get over what the two of you had.

And the most intense feeling is the one that you will never be able to find someone like them.

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And during this process, you will hear all your friends and family telling you how time will heal all your wounds. But will it?

The truth is that time will help you overcome this. Time is probably the only thing you have that will get you to the other side. The side where there’s no heartache anymore.

Time will gently teach you that everything is transitory and that you can’t fight against it. No one can tell you however how much time will take you to heal because it depends on each individual.

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But have faith that you will be able to let go and start a new life where pieces of you are being put back together.

Do you think time can heal us? 

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