The Only Way To Know For Sure If A Guy Likes You

The dating world, whether the online or non-virtual one, is full of such questions. When we like someone, we’re just dying to know if the attraction is mutual.

We’re looking for signs everywhere, maybe, just maybe something that will give them away. We’re analyzing their behavior around us and keep wondering if they are into us or not.

But perhaps sometimes we waste too much time and energy thinking how they feel about us when in fact… the answer is obvious. It’s right there in front of us.

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When a guy likes you, you will know. Period.

We’re not saying it’s feminine intuition, but the signs are there: the body language, the facial expressions, their actions. All of these speak for themselves.

And guys usually don’t hide it if they’re interested in someone, they have no reason to. Because they are goal-oriented, they will do whatever it takes to pursue the girl they like. They’ll ask her out, go on dates and see what happens from there.

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Sometimes it’s confusing for women because although you’re going out, it’s like you’re still in a gray area somehow. You’re together but you’re not.

Either way, if they really really like you, they will enjoy spending time with you and listening to you. And if they happen to be only physically attracted by you and nothing more, again, you will know.

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Then it’s your call. You can move on and see where the relationship goes or stop there.

So yes, it’s obvious!

Just trust your instincts more and you’ll know! Don’t forget to share this with your girlfriends!