7 Simple Ways To Break The Ice When You Meet New People

Is small talk something that you dread? Are social events a source of anxiety for you just because you do not know how to start a conversation with somebody new?


Here are some simple ideas that can help you break the ice.

1.Talk less, listen more

Let the other know that you are interested in what they have to say, listen carefully and ask relevant questions.

2. Open-ended questions are the best

Yes/No question cannot drive the conversation very far. Ask questions that would determine the other to elaborate on any given subject.

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3. If you don’t know what the other is talking about, ask!

In a conversation it’s normal not to always be sure what the other is referring to. Rather than nodding along, it’s preferable to ask them to explain the unfamiliar notion or reference.

4. Share your experience

If you happen to stumble upon a situation that is familiar to you, share your own story. It will immediately create a sense of intimacy on which you can built later on.

5.Try to build a conversation on these 4 subjects

Family, occupation, recreation and dreams are some generous subjects that everybody wants to talk about. Inquiring about these and say, not politics, religion or economics, is not going to get you in trouble.

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6. Honesty is the best policy

You may be inclined to embellish the truth about yourself, since you try to make a good impression. But it’s better to be honest about yourself and see if you really have things in common, since there is no point in moving further if you don’t.

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7. Don’t shy away from a smile or a compliment

If there’s something that you instantly like about the other person, say it. Everybody likes to hear nice things about themselves.

They will feel appreciated and therefore more likely to express themselves freely. Please share this!