When You Don’t Get Along With His Friends, Try This

So you finally meet a resembling version of the guy you have been designing in you head for years and you know that time has come to engage. Everything is bliss. You dance to the same beat. At last, the term lovestoned makes sense for you. When trouble strikes around the corner, you are not a fan of his friends, to say the least.

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The high that love gives you cannot be bought at any coffee shop. You become witness to infinite possibilities, but also prisoner of your own bubble. Sometimes, the reality outside the bubble can hit you hard, that’s why you need to step out of it and join the conversation.

Get out of your bubble

Connection has been our lasting desire, but we have forgotten to connect to each other. To fully listen, prick up your ears, open your mind and heart to the person standing in front of you. Do not let yourself indulge in impetuous opinions, let go of prejudice and try to alleviate the innate cynicism that defines our age.

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Not only will you discover other universes of thought, but you will also find truth. Take a look around, there is truth in each of us. Escaping your bubble and being able to accept other realities besides your own, that’s the way to live an authentic life.

Kick off a conversation

You think you don’t have anything to talk about with his friends because you have no things in common. The latter may be true, but that is where beauty lies. Like a blank canvas that delivers limitless opportunities. Start sketching, you may be amazed how well things can turn out.

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Stay by his side

You may not be on the same page with his friends, but he is and that must count for something. Listen to their side of the story, open up and try to connect. Beware of the male bonding though, for it is sacred, just like the forbidden fruit. You must never interfere between two adult men and their logic.

The world swarms with clicks, genuine ones. You just have to be present in order to perceive them.

Let’s smash this bubble once and for all. Spread the word!