How To Compromise In A Relationship To Make It Grow

Compromising may sound easy in theory, but in practice it’s almost never easy. It involves putting the other person’s feelings and wants above our own and that’s not something we’re used to do, no matter how much we love someone.

There are couples who compromise all the time about moving, about hairdos, the color of the picket fence or their kid’s school. So how do we manage to negotiate and compromise so that our relationships grow?

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1. Don’t try to compromise when you’re angry

When we’re having a heated argument, we can lose sight of many things. That’s why it’s not a great idea to try and reach a compromise during a fight. It’s best if we wait until we’ve calmed down so that we may discuss the matter calmly.

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2. Keep it equal

If only one of the partners is compromising all the time, then the relationship is unbalanced. It’s not a healthy and positive thing for a long-lasting relationship if one of you gets what they want with every opportunity they get.

3. Keep it fair

When bargaining, make sure what you are offering in return if you’re asking your partner to give up something.

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4. Don’t compromise the things that really matter to you

It’s very important to remember to not lose yourself in the relationship. The compromises have to benefit the both of you long-term. If you have to give up your passions or sacrifice a friendship, then maybe they’re not the right person for you.

Compromising can be challenging and frustrating. But remember that, in the end, it’s about love. Please share this!