Do Human Beings Have Not One But Three Souls?

According to Native Americans, each human on Earth has got not just one but three souls. You should be informed about their philosophy of life since it makes so much sense: one soul for each state of being.


They believe every person has got three kinds of souls:

The first is the ego-soul, suap, the one that is embodied in the breath.

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The second is the free-soul, navushieip, the one that travels to other dimensions and leaves the body during dreams, trances or comas.

Throughout this voyage, one can meet his guardian spirit that will protect him for his entire life.

The third is the body-soul, mugua, the one that activates the body in the waking world.

The Natives have the strong belief that life is only but a massive long dream. They teach their kids to always remember their dreams because they are like doors in the mind.

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Native Americans have been trying to interpret dreams long before Freud. The dream world is no different from the physical one and significant things can be learned from the experience of both worlds. Dreams are like tokens for the transient nature of life.

The Natives reach the help of the elders for insight into their dreams. They help decode the meaning of dreams, namely what exactly is the guide spirit trying to pass on.

Dreams are like a gate to our true self, we use them to better understand ourselves in order grow, that is the Natives’ belief.

But it is not an easy path as one encounters a lot of symbols in their reveries so they must unlock that symbolism and find out what messages does the spirit guide want to send.

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Dreams do have the power to emphasize our daily life issues and maybe offer some guidance along the way. If we choose to believe the Natives views on dreams, you cannot disapprove the major significance of dreams.

Do you agree with the Natives way of thinking? Is it true that we do have one soul for each state of being?

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