The Downside Of Finding Your Soulmate

We all cling to the preconception that our soulmate will save us from the harsh realities of life. That they will project us into this exquisite outstanding journey we’ve been waiting for so long. We are so in love with the idea of a soulmate for it’s so plain and simple to just wait for Mr. or Ms. Right to come.

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It may be a bit frustrating to just pray for The One to cross your path but it’s also easy. Easy to let destiny draft your happiness. It’s effortless to go through life expecting for that person to pop in. The one who can finally see your true colors and accept us exactly the way we are. You’re dreaming of that special someone, you have designed this picture in your head times and times again and you hope they will bring not only happiness but a neverending bliss.

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But the reality is far more complicated than our imagination, as it is life.

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Your soulmate will do the exact opposite, they will destroy you so that the real you is exposed, along with your dreams, your beauty and the great power you carry within. They will discover the whole you, strip you bare and reveal the true you. Because they know who you really are. They will not only guide you, but push you even further, breaking through the limitations you see in yourself. That’s why they may anger and stress you out for they will upset the very roots of your existence.

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They’re the perfect example of destruction.

Your soulmate will shatter you into little pieces so that you can pick them up and rebuild yourself into the best version of yourself. They don’t arise to make you feel like the leading star of a romantic movie but to transform you. Your significant other plays a critical part in your existence, that of a transformer, a loving and revealing one.

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They will expose you to your own flaws that block you from reaching your true potential, in mind, body and spirit. They will highlight the things that are holding you back so that you can change your life. They will make you see behind the veil of ordinary and will help you overcome your fears and bloom into the best version of yourself. It will not be an easy path, it will hurt. But we must let our guard down and let our soulmate show us the right path towards inner growth.

Your soulmate will most definitely destroy you, but it will the best thing that could ever happen to you! Spread the love!