3 Signs Someone Definitely Has A Crush On You

Is there someone in your life who’s making eyes at you but you don’t know for sure if they indeed like you or they’re simply being kind? These five signs will definitely tell you if they have a crush on you.

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1. Their body language screams

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You can figure out so many things from body language it’s insane. Firstly, if they like you, they will surely look directly into your eyes. Whenever they choose to not do that, they will aim for your lips. Remember though that some of us are shyer than others and will be afraid to look at the one desired. That might be a sign also if they insist on looking away when you’re around. Another clear sign is the hair. If they run their fingers through it or twirl it gently, it might mean they’re into you.

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2. They flirt like no other

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Flirting like there’s no tomorrow is another definite sign they like you. Laughing at everything you say, trying to get a joke out of everything in the conversation or clinging to every word spoken just to get a smile from you, well, that’s a clear effort someone wants to conquer you.

Naturally, compliments will be in order, even sexual advances, but you will find it all flattering. Because if they have a crush on you, they will probably say all the right things to make sure they win you.

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3. They get personal with you

This is the safest road to getting closer. They want to get to know you better so all sorts of personal questions surface. Stuff about your childhood or deep questions that not every person would ask. If they want to get it all out from you, then they’re definitely into you.

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