5 Telling Signs Someone Is Attracted To You

If you are attracted to someone, you’ve been probably paying attention when it comes to signals to find out if they like you as well. Sometimes, the signs can be less obvious so they just leave you wondering. Flirting and trying to interpret others’ body language can be very fun.

Remember that if they’re shy, they will most likely try to hide their true feelings for you. Nonetheless, here’s how you can tell if your object of desire has also developed a crush on you.

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5 Signs A WOMAN Is Attracted To You

1. Sustained eye contact

This is usually the first sign that a woman is into you. If you’ve exchanged long sweet glances lately, then she’s surely trying to tell you something.

2. Touching

She would go out of her way to try and touch you as often as she can. Whether it’s your shoulder or hand for a split second, this is another sign she wants you.

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3. Touching her face

That’s a lot of touching going on. She will also touch her face somehow, maybe her hair too. This is how women signal their femininity to the object of her desire.

4. Laughing

If she giggles around you, then lucky you. Maybe she does it to draw your attention. Whatever it is, if this comes in combination with prolonged eye contact and touching, then she really likes you.

5. Higher vocal tone

This is about higher pitch, not volume and it represents just another signal a woman uses to catch the attention of her object of desire.

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5 Signs A MAN Is Attracted To You

1. Grooming

If he smooths his hair or fixes his tie, then it’s clear that he wants to look his best for you.

2. Standing straighter

He suddenly sits up straight when you come around. He’s making these body posture adjustments such as pushing his chest out a bit so that he may appear more attractive to you.

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3. Attracting attention

This also goes by the name of “peacocking”. This type of behavior has one purpose: to get your attention. It may be about talking loudly or colorful clothing.

4. Fidgeting

He just can’t sit still when you’re around. Maybe he’s checking his watch over and over again, or touching or hair or moving around the room. They may be impatient about getting to know you better.

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5. Open facial expressions

Smiling, wide eyes, open lips and raised eyebrows are all open facial expressions. Combined with an intense gaze, they signal they are mad about you.

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