7 Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills

Being a good communicator can have great benefits on all your life aspects. It can enhance your relationships, friendships and dating life. Here are some tips to improve your communication skills.

1. Congratulate and compliment the other person

Giving positive feedback to what the other person has to share will make them appreciate you more. It shows the absence of envy and jealousy and it will make the other feel safe in your presence.

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2. Say thank you

When somebody has helped you with advice, by listening or giving you material support you should always express your gratitude. They will feel valued, useful and therefore more inclined to help others in the future.

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3. Show interest

When somebody is excited about a certain subject, encourage them to share more details. They will appreciate your listening skills and you might discover new and interesting opinions and stories.

4. Use body language

Hand gestures, smiling, the right tone of voice are some of the ways you can show interest in the conversation. It also shows that you are emotionally involved in what is discussed. Also, not crossing your arms and eye contact creates the impression of honesty and confidence.

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5. Ask questions

Don’t pretend to be familiar with topics that you know nothing about. Instead, ask pertinent questions about the topic, which will suggest that you are really interested in what the other has to say.

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6. Don’t interrupt the other person

Being interrupted in the middle of a story or an explanation is very frustrating and not to mention rude. Wait for the other to finish their thought before asking questions or expressing your own opinion.

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7. Always be sincere

Being a good listener doesn’t mean always agreeing with your conversation partner. Express your opinions and values in a sincere way, while trying to see the other’s point of view and respecting it.

Practice these simple tips everyday and you’ll become a master communicator. Please, share this!