How Body Language Can Help You Read People’s Hidden Emotions

Being aware of the others’ body language can be very helpful. Here are the most common ways someone is expressing themselves without words.

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Dilated pupils

When we are in the presence of someone we love, our pupils dilate, showing desire or admiration.

Clenched fists

While open palms indicate someone who is in a relaxed state, clinched fists indicate an agitated state of mind or even repressed anger.

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Feet pointed towards the exit

When we talk with someone whose feet are pointed towards the door, this shows that they need to go, that they are late or something urgent is making them feel stressed.

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Tense muscles

When someone has a rigid posture, it may mean that they are in a defensive mood, that they feel threaten and are looking for a way out.

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Eye contact

When someone is looking into your eyes while talking, it means that they are confident and sincere.

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Finger drumming

When someone is drumming their fingers, it indicates impatience or frustration.

Paying attention to other people’s body language can tell us how they are really feeling about us. Please, share this!