The One Reason We’re So Hooked On Comedy

From Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK to all the sitcoms that wait for us at home after a long day of work, comedy functions as a new religion. Why is it that we resort to comedy as if it were a drug or a painkiller?


There is an ever growing industry that feeds on our need for entertainment, for seeking pleasure in front of the screen or in the stand-up comedy bars.

One good explanation for it is that comedy is an element of leveling.

Hearing somebody talking about our shared trivial annoyances gives us a sense of communion.

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Unlike the sense of communion we find in the church, the sense of relief that comedy brings about is that we feel united in our imperfections.

We laugh together about what it means to be human. About how we strive for perfection but act like monkeys.

The difference between a mediocre comedian and a genius one is that one is making fun of the weakness of others, placing himself on higher moral ground.

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The genius comedian knows and shows that we are all in this together.  We all strive to present a mature wise adult in the world, while having no idea what we are actually doing. By including himself in this category of fools, the frustration the audience feels diminishes.

There’s relief in finding out that our fellow beings make the same mistakes when it comes to relationships or pursuing our dreams.

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We are more inclined to be honest about ourselves when we see that the person in the spotlight makes fun of his own imperfections and weaknesses. Therefore, we feel that we are not alone in our fights and failures.

And this is the sense of community we all seek, one in which we do not feel judged, but equally ridiculous in our effort to make sense of life.

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