The One Thing Your Strong Friend Doesn’t Dare To Tell You

They know how to listen, they pay their bills on time and they know what to say to make you abandon your well thought plan about drunk texting your ex. If you didn’t think instantly of a particular friend when reading this, it’s likely that you are the wise, strong person in your group. But how about your emotional needs?


If everybody around you got used to you being the wise and helpful one, chances are that when you are not available to solve their problems you suddenly seem selfish and cold. Your friends don’t get why suddenly you don’t want to learn the latest news about their break up. They become upset when you wouldn’t babysit their cat while they are in vacation or when you want to spend the night alone.

A strong person is not a person who knows no weakness.

You don’t always have to be the rock to which the others cling. Sometimes it’s you who needs advice and encouragement, who feels rotten and exposed. Sometimes you don’t want to be rational and reliable.  You too can feel the need to sulk, or go crazy and be irresponsible.

9 times out 10 you might seem to have it all, to know where your life is going and find the best way to get there. But that one time you need others to step up and give you hope, to energize you and lift you up.

Don’t get stuck in playing just one role. A healthy friendship means a constant switching of roles. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. Trust your friends that they will love you even if you are moody, tired, angry or disappointed. Give them the opportunity to show you the same compassion, acceptance and love you showed them.

True friendship is a constant give and take. Share this with your friends!