This Viral Riddle Is Driving Everyone Nuts. Can You Figure It Out?

They say  “that riddling is a universal art”. Our brains are up for new challenges so no wonder they go crazy when they see a good riddle. Or a sophisticated puzzle. Anything to make us think but more play.

There is yet another tricky riddle that has gone viral on the internet. So we thought you might want to try your hand at it. Here’s why it’s got the attention of so many people.

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This riddle was posted on Facebook by a young woman called Lacey Read. Once you figure it out, the answer is overwhelmingly easy. But of course, someone has to point it out first.

Without further adieu, here it is:

Source: Facebook

The young woman decided to share the riddle after she saw the sign while walking down the street. Soon enough, people starting sharing the post and commenting on it. Even if only to express their frustrations because they couldn’t find the answer.

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One person thought they should help and posted a tip. They said “read it slowly and not as a question”.

That’s all some people needed, although others kept struggling.

Want to know the answer? Ok then, let’s put an end to this madness.

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If we think about it:

WHAT has 4 letters. Literally. Right?

SOMETIMES has 9 letters. Yup.

NEVER has 5 letters. N-E-V-E-R

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So the trick was to not read it as a question. In fact, at a closer look, we notice there’s not even a question mark at the end of the riddle. Hm, does that still make it a riddle?

That’s a debate to have another time.

Please share! And make sure you don’t tell them the answer first.