The Unbelievable Effect Of Talking To Yourself, Discovered By Scientists

Are you the type of person who regularly talks to themselves in the third person? Well, it seems like you’ve been doing a great job. According to a study conducted by Michigan State University, talking to yourself in the third person can reduce stress and negative emotions.

‘Why am I upset?’ vs. ‘Why is Linda upset?’

In an attempt to find out effective ways of reducing stress or other negative feelings, the research found that a couple of words said about yourself in the third person have the power to keep your emotions in balance.

This can have a positive effect on your mood because you’re taking a mental step back and see yourself as others do. So you  can change the perspective and you gather all the benefits. This method helps you think of yourself the way you think about other people. Which is pretty useful for regulating emotions.

Instead of ‘Why am I afraid?’, say ‘Why is Linda afraid?’ And you will instantly get a bit of distance from this negative experience and this change can be observed in the brain, the psychologists explain.

Researchers found that this action drives to less activity in the areas of the brain linked to painful emotions. Another fact that makes this an effective therapeutic practice is that it takes the same amount of mental effort as the first-person self-talk. It’s a great way to take control upon your emotions!

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