Why We Use and Love Social Media

Social media has been around for a while now but we still seem to be fascinated or rather addicted to it. We know it’s become part of our daily lives and that it’s really hard for us to put those smartphones or tablets away.

It feels good, it feels we’re connected to the rest of the world, so why stay offline? However, a recent study revealed the actual reasons behind our activity on social networks. So here’s why we use and love social media!

Social interaction

The study showed that the number one motivation for people on Twitter or Facebook is to stay in touch with others. More exactly, 55% of people use social media to be connected with their friends and family.

Seeking information

About 41% of people want to stay updated when it comes to current world events and news. This is maybe because people are more socially and politically involved in world affairs than they used to.

Passing time

Whenever they have leisure time, also 41% of people choose to spend it on social networks to see what else is up.


39% of people are on social media to watch funny and entertaining videos or read interesting articles. It’s just another way of spending their time relaxing.

Sharing opinions

Also 39% of people are used to sharing their opinion on varied issues. SJW (Social Justice Warriors) are known for their strong opinions they express on Facebook or elsewhere.

Our friends also use it

This is a good enough reason to be also spending time socializing online. Others do it so why not us too? Surely no one wants to be left behind.

Meeting new people

While Facebook is not exactly a dating website, it’s a cool way to make new friends and maybe even meet the love of your life. Who knows?

There you have it! Do you like social media? Why do you use Facebook? Let us know in the comments!