We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident: 5 Types Of Fated Connections

Life is nothing but a journey. And throughout this passage, we are connected to every single person we meet. Because nothing ever happens solely by accident. It may sound like a cliché, but everything does happen for a reason and there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Perhaps it’s a celestial phenomenon, something mystical that cannot be explained by science. But it sure takes place time and again.

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All the people we encounter in this life, every person we meet, plays a significant role in our humble existence and each one serves a different purpose in our growth as human beings. Some of them will remain by our side forever, generating a greater impact on our lives, much more than we would expect at that first random encounter. With others, however, we have brief encounters, often so insignificant that we hardly notice them.

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Each one of these people and the cosmic connections they represent, marks our lives in specific ways and they all serve a purpose. Every person you come across teaches you a lesson, whether it’s a tough one or not, whether it brings you joy or pain. Both experiences, the good and the bad, are important and help us grow as a person.

Here are the 5 types of in sync encounters you will have with people in your life:

1. The awakened

These are people who awaken us, who make us conscious and more aware of what’s truly meaningful in life. They have a brief appearance, they just stop by to remind us of our dreams and goals and simply go on their way afterwards. It’s the Universe taking care of us and sending such people so you stay focused on your goals and take compelling steps towards reaching them.

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2. The reminders

They turn up into our lives just to remind us that there is a path to success and happiness, we just have to keep on walking our way. These are often temporary people but they have a lasting impact on our soul. They ensure that we don’t fall by the wayside.

3. The pushers

We must confront some tough lessons in our wandering through life and some people come into our life just to give us that difficult lesson that will make us grow. These are teachers who only guide us to learn things we have struggled with on our own.

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4. The holders

We meet some people for such a short amount of time that we don’t even recall. You run into the subway, at the coffee shop or simply pass them by on the street, you have small talks but never foster a connection. These are the ones who hold space for us. In our journey, we are capable of walking alongside other people without judging them or trying to fix them. The moment we hold place for other people, we offer them unconditional support and benevolence, we don’t try to control or make them feel weak.

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5. The stayers

Only a small percentage of the people we meet throughout our odyssey will stay with us forever. They have the biggest impact on our life and are the most valuable we meet. Whether they are family, close friends or better halves, the stayers are the ones who pull you up when you’re down, playing a significant part in your life, helping you develop and improve.

These are the special people with whom you will have a strong connection and will be with you always. You share the same desires and pursuits and they want from the bottom of their heart to prevail in your life. These rare individuals are hard to find so you must be patient with the universe, they will certainly come sooner or later.

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