We Fall In Love Because…

Falling in love is all sweet and magical and it’s what makes us human after all. There are all sorts of things happening in our minds and bodies, we’re reacting and over-reacting on all possible levels.

We are flooded with all sorts of feel-good chemicals that make the experience an ecstatic one. Science even tells us that being in love is like being on drugs.

They also say we can’t forget our first love. Well, it makes sense because that’s the very first time we experience something so intense. It’s only natural that we’ll never be able to forget what we’ve been through with our first date, kiss, hug…

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People have been falling in love for a very very long time now. But why do we fall in love really? What exactly triggers the very intense emotions, what makes our hormones go crazy and our knees go weak?

What’s the secret behind one of the most essential experience we have as humans?

The answer is there are a few factors that contribute to this amazing and unforgettable experience:

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First of all, we fall in love with people that have the physical or personality traits we want.

Then, we fall in love because we find those people in our lives that share our worldview, our dreams and passions.

And we tend to be drawn by people with similar traits.

Another reason is reciprocity.

What this means is that when someone is attracted to you, you have more chances of liking that person back.

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And then, there’s passion.

This comes along with all sorts of chemicals our brains release. It’s usually sparked by all of the above.

So there you have it! Don’t we just love falling in love?

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