What To Do When You Want To Reconnect With Your Loved One

How come we enter a relationship hopeful, wanting to know everything about our partners and we end up not even being able to listen when they talk? It would be easy to point towards time and boredom as something that wears off our feelings as it does with a pair of jeans.


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But maybe this is not inevitable, maybe there’s a better explanation.

It might be useful to think about the part of us who loves as a small child, as a vulnerable and silly being.

Even though we might present ourselves in the world as confident wise adults who know how life works, the little child within has other plans.

It gets upset when our partner interrupts us, when they don’t listen to us and chances are they will throw a tantrum.

Of course, we will not recognize that and even get more upset if the idea is suggested to us.

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So when your partner is distant, irritated or angry, don’t despair.

Just imagine them as being a child who doesn’t know how to react better while discovering their own vulnerability.

Create a safe space for them to let the child within express their pain and disappointment.

No matter how silly the causes might seem to you.

Don’t humiliate them and don’t express criticism just because you can.

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Just remember that you probably do the same when some unconscious trigger is being pulled. But you just don’t realize it.

Apply the same generosity concerning the quirks of the other and their small pains as you would wish them to do for you.

Treating your partner like a child might seem condescending. But if you do it right, with grace and kindness, it might considerably improve your relationship.

Let the child within you help you and your loved one! Share this!