What Is Your Flirting Style, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

The ability to flirt is one of the most interesting qualities that make you fall for someone at first sight!

Have you noticed how sometimes that gorgeous guy or gal from the other side of the bar just loses his or her words in front of you? They can barely speak as if they could not utter the right words even if their life depended on it. On the other side, there are many people who don’t seem so appealing at first. But as soon as they come closer, they manage to seduce you just with a sexy stare and a good introduction.

That’s the proof that it will always be attitude over looks! One question remains: What makes some people so good at flirting? Don’t worry if you’re bad at flirting. Statistically, most of the population gets the hang of flirting by the age of 35 or later.

So if you have a crush on someone, here’s how each sign flirts!

Aquarius’ Flirting Style: Electrifying!

These fascinating people will amaze you with their charisma and free-spirited personality.  Aquarius’ flirting style is unique!

When it comes to romance, Aquarius’ mind could be hard to read. This dancer of life will make you feel the most intense experiences of the entire horoscope. One important thing you should keep in mind about them: they aren’t naturally frivolous or flirtatious. Read more HERE.

Pisces’ Flirting Style: Sensitive!

Pisces people are in tune with their emotions. They flirt by using their mystical and sensual qualities!

If they like you, Pisces will show their interest in a variety of ways. This is a deeply intuitive and romantic sign. Expect real emotional connection right from the start. They might look into your eyes or show a huge amount of compassion as you tell them a sad story. Read more HERE.

Aries’ Flirting Style: Competitive!

So how do Aries flirt when they develop a crush on someone?

Aries is a fire sign and that makes it the one who goes after what they desire. Expect a real competitive go-getter!

There is no way you can stop people born in Aries from getting what they want! Taking things slowly- is something they just don’t get! Expect texts and emails, love letters and unannounced visits “just to say hello”. Read more HERE.

Taurus’ Flirting Style: Sensual!

People born under Taurus are usually the ones who seek and offer pleasure. While flirting, you can expect compliments and sexy, meaningful glances from them.

People born under this sign will always let you know how much they like you. They will do it through gifts and small attentions they offer you. Either that or by gently touching you as if by accident. Don’t worry if they come on a bit strong, their intention is to make you feel pleasure. To achieve that, they will try to appeal to all your five senses. Read more HERE.

Gemini’s Flirting Style: Communicative!

People born under Gemini are usually charming through the way they communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Expect them to come closer for an interesting chit-chat that may include flirtatious body language.

When it comes to flirting, Geminis tend to flirt with lots of people. The place doesn’t matter too much for them. As soon as they are comfortable and someone catches their fancy, they’ll start a conversation that usually ends up being flirty. Read more HERE.

Cancer’s Flirting Style: Emotional!

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign tend to have a very direct flirting style. They enjoy deep emotional connections and flirting is just a thing they do to get to that serious relationship level.

Sometimes people born in this zodiac sign are very difficult to read. Their way of telling you they like you might seem unusual. That’s because their emotions run deep. They need to feel safe and secure with you before they start flirting. After you gain their trust, their true self will be revealed to you. Read more HERE.

Leo’s Flirting Style: Dramatic!

The royal ones have a pretty strong and attractive attitude. Their flirting style can be quite intense and with a powerful impact!

When it comes to Leos, it’s usually easy to know whether they’re into you. After all, they’re the kings and queens of the zodiac. The gorgeous, passionate beasts with a brave heart will roar out their feelings out loud. Leos will just tell you how they feel, show it again and again. Read more HERE.

Virgo’s Flirting Style: Gingerly!

Virgos have a predominantly reserved and versatile style of flirting. But thanks to Mercury, these people can be quite communicative.

When Virgos like someone, they have quite a subtle approach. Don’t expect passionate declarations – at least, not at first. They tend to move forward carefully and slowly when in love. For them, love is not a game. Love is something one should take seriously. Read more HERE.

Libra’s Flirting Style: Charming!

These are the direct, attractive and graceful ones. Venus wraps them in sensuality and charm!

Although Libra is an air sign, these people have quite a fiery heart. They can’t help but put everything on the table, but in a more genteel way than Gemini, for example. Their flirting starts with sweet smiles and heartfelt compliments, and moves on to love notes, poetry and flowers. Read more HERE.

Scorpio’s Flirting Style: Intense!

Scorpios are famous for being the masters of flirting. These sensitive and complex beings will turn your world upside down!

When a Scorpio puts you on spot expect passionate attention! These people catch your presence across a crowded room and keep showing up around every corner. That’s a Scorpio in action and yes, they are very intense! The most sexual and emotionally complex ones of the entire horoscope, they will blow your mind. Read more HERE.

Sagittarius’ Flirting Style: Spontaneous!

When flirting, Sagittarius people are predominantly outrageous and magnetic. They can also be quite dramatic in romance!

A Sagittarius’ eyes will sparkle as they meet your bright and curious look. Look at the smile on their lips when you make eye contact. You’ll know they like you through their facial expression. They adore meeting new and fascinating people. Read more HERE.

Capricorn’s Flirting Style: Engaging!

Capricorn people are cool and casual. Their flirting style may be honest and naturally authoritative.

These people are so busy doing many other things and flirting is not one of them. Capricorns tend to have a traditional approach to romance. So if they’re into you, they’ll be direct, and present you the situation and their intentions. Read more HERE.

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