7 Little Things That Make Your Relationship Last Longer

Love is a gift. But a gift that needs constant care if you want it to last. Here are 7 things that couples in long and happy relationships do to keep the spark alive.

1. Lots of kisses

Not all physical contact should lead to sex. Sometimes, it’s comforting to just feel your partner’s skin against yours. Kissing or hugging for no reason is more important to romance than you think, since it strengthens the bond between the partners.  Don’t underestimate the power of physical intimacy!

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2. Compliment each other

Your partner should know what you admire about them, what skills and personality traits you treasure. Make your partner feel appreciated by paying them the compliments they deserve.

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3. Go on adventures together

Spontaneity is a hard to achieve in a long term relationship. But with some effort, it’s possible. Going out of your comfort zone together will increase the trust between you two and it will make you more confident.

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4. Have as much sex as possible

With our lives being as hectic as they are, it’s easy to put sex on the back burner. But it’s not at all advisable, because it leads to resentment and a slow corrosion of the relationship. Make time for sex, talk about it, laugh about it!

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5. Flirt with your partner

After a while, it’s easy to take your partner for granted. But a healthy relationship implies that you and your partner should seduce each other again and again.

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6. Celebrate the milestones

The first kiss, the first anniversary, the first time when you went on a vacation together, even the first fight are milestones that should be celebrated. They are pretexts to be grateful for what you have.

7. Forgive and forget

Conflict is inevitable in long term relationships. But the important thing is how you react to it. Being able to forgive your partner and put the fight behind you is essential to the health of your relationship.

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