Why Single People Might Be On To Something Truly Important

In the highly praised movie The Lobster we encounter a future world where single people are taken to a Hotel to find a partner. If they do not fall in love and mate, they change into beasts and are sent into the Woods. This disturbing movie exaggerates the existing reality where being single is considered shameful, a social sin. Parents are pressuring us, friends are trying to set us up.

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In reality, the romantic scenario might not happen for us. In spite of what one may hope, it’s not that likely that we will find the right person. Or that we will be considered the right person or that we will make the relationship work.

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Wouldn’t be wiser to remain single if we consider that the couple life isn’t suited for us? Wouldn’t be kinder not to drag the other into a situation we are not ready for?

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If you’re going through a tough period, when your emotions are upside down, you might feel the temptation to be with somebody else just so that you won’t hear yourself think anymore.

We are afraid of loneliness and engage in relationships that we know deep down won’t last just because we don’t have the maturity to face ourselves.

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Sometimes it’s hard to like or even tolerate ourselves. How can we ask our partner to like and tolerate us? What can we really bring to the table if we are tormented by our own demons?

Being lonely is as difficult as always being frustrated or suffocated by another.

But being single has the advantage that we can have the space and freedom to work on ourselves as long as we need. And it’s the right moral choice: our emotional mess is not going to hurt another human being.

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