Why Are Women With Freckles So Sexy?


Why are freckled women special?  And where do freckles come from? Read on if you want to know more about today’s topic.

Women with freckles have a distinctive look. We’re not sure how much this facial feature actually impacts their personality, or if it’s the other way around. What we do know is that a few freckles here and there can make you look beautiful and even a bit exotic. They say that people with freckles are also very deep minded and have a certain mysticism about them. But why all the fuss around freckles? What makes women who have them so incredibly attractive?

One possible answer is that they are a sign of unconventional beauty. Although people respond to different types of beauty and beauty standards, most of us are somehow drawn to someone with different looks.

It appears that we inherit freckles, but they actually appear under sun exposure. Melanin is responsible for protecting your skin against the sun by darkening it. But melanocytes, which are cells that protect our skin from sun burn, aren’t evenly distributed throughout our bodies. That’s how freckles appear. That’s also why your freckles multiply in the summer.

Why Are Women with Freckles So Cool?

Although today we think freckles are fabulous, this hasn’t always been the case. For centuries, they were not a trademark of beauty as the most sought-after was the porcelain skin type. So for a long time women would hide these cute so-called “angel kisses” to fit into the mold. But because times have changed so much and people challenged older standards of beauty, freckles are like a new craze. They are more than accepted today, they are embraced and even desired!

Ironically, although we now have the necessary technology to cover them up and come up with crazier and crazier make-up, natural beauty is also more embraced lately. And not just by women.

Freckles are very much in style today. Another awesome thing about them is that no two freckles are the same. In that sense, they are like snowflakes. And if you have them, you might feel more confident than the rest because you’re outside “normal” standards of beauty. This can give a boost to your self-esteem.

We are in awe with freckles and so is the rest of the world. So women with freckles, wear your skin with pride! That’s why we’ve even made a video about it!

Watch this short video below if you think freckles are absolutely adorable!

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