Yes, I’m A Feminist. No, I Don’t Hate Men

There’s a false association widely spread in our society and it doesn’t benefit anyone. The word feminist has a long history of being considered a negative label. Whose fault is it? Well, let’s just say I’m not here to blame anyone.

I only think it’s worth reiterating the fact that being a feminist doesn’t imply you’re a man-hater. I’ve been out as a feminist for a while now, although never really embraced the term fully. Specifically because it’s a label and labels are bad for humans. Right?

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However, there is a need to take sides, especially considering currents events in our modern society. And when I say take sides, I don’t mean taking women’s sides, that’s absurd. Although, you’d be surprised to know how many people think feminists are all about women power.

In reality, it has little to do with power.

A feminist would much rather put their heart into making women’s issues everyone’s issues.

It’s about voicing what’s wrong in our society and putting the spotlight on what and how these things need repairing.

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We don’t think women are superior and dream of a world where men are slaves and women lead. That’s a dystopia I hope will never materialize. I do feel very strongly against toxic masculinity though. Which is very different from saying I hate all men.

Toxic masculinity is about teaching young boys to never express their emotions. It’s about demanding from each guy to put on the mask of toughness, no matter the risks. It’s about showing aggressiveness and violence towards women and other men to assert their power.

In a society poisoned by toxic masculinity, everyone bears the costs. In that sense, feminism is also a lot about fighting for men’s health and the issues they battle with everyday. Feminism tries to encourage men to allow themselves to feel and express emotion. It tells them it’s ok to be vulnerable and embrace who they are.

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All in all, feminism is about putting an end to expectations from both genders. It taught me that I don’t need to be confined to a gender box. And it taught me that I can pursue whatever goals I want because passion knows no gender boundaries. It taught me I can be very strong and yet vulnerable and cherish empathy above all else.

We can put an end to this misconception if we voice our concerns. Please share this!