Why You’ll Regret Leaving The Woman Who Loved You With All Of Her Heart

When someone really special comes along, you hold on to them. That is a lesson that sadly most of us learn the hard way.

You’ve had beside you a woman who loved you deeply. She cared for you in ways no one else could before or ever since. She never held back from telling you and showing you how she really feels – she was brave enough to love you with the power of a goddess.

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She came into your life fearlessly and walked away just as fearlessly. And yet, her sensitivity and vulnerability could have made any person fall for her.

She was kind and forgiving and believed in you, in your potential and your abilities. She once thought you could both get so far as long as you had each other. Even when you distanced yourself out of your own insecurities, she still chose to be there. She was present and vulnerable, ready for the hard work that a healthy and happy relationship entails.

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But you broke her…

You made her feel as if she wasn’t enough. Perhaps you were not mature enough to handle her emotional complexity. Or maybe you were too selfish and could not place her feelings and needs above yours. Or you just wanted more. And so you left the one person who loved you endlessly for something you thought you could have: perfection.

Once you realized that kind of woman does not exist after many other brief and failed relationships, you thought of her. And that’s when you knew what you had lost.

You lost the kind of woman who would learn from heartache and who would embrace the process of mourning and healing. That’s because she knows that it’s the only healthy and wise way to deal with pain. And so she learned to love again, to remain kind and caring because that is the kind of woman you let go of. One that would give herself to someone who is worthy and understanding.

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That is when you knew you made a mistake. And that you would have to live with this regret for a long time, wondering when someone like her would come along again in your life.