8 Honest Reasons To Let Them Go If They Chose To Leave Your Life

When someone decides to walk away from our lives, we are left thinking we are the worst people on the planet. Because had we been better, they wouldn’t have left us. Right?

But that’s not necessarily true. There are many reasons why a loved one is no longer with us now. Of course it’s much more difficult to let them go if it’s their decision to break up, and not ours. And that is because we feel we have absolutely no control over the situation. We feel abandoned and left alone in a threatening and cold universe.

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Here is why some people choose to leave our lives for good.

1. Because some relationships are toxic

When you’re so in love with someone, it’s very painful to admit that what you had was in fact a toxic relationship. There’s no point in sharing our lives with an abusive, manipulative, or controlling partner. We should stop making excuses for them and finally decide to let them go.

2. Because they put their feelings above yours

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In the end, they failed to see the big picture. They were so blinded by their own ego that they failed to feel your pain and suffering. They simply couldn’t put the needs of the relationship above their own. And in their selfishness, they decided it’s best if they just walk away.

3. Because maybe you have driven them away

This doesn’t make it ok that they’ve let go of you without any explanation. There may have been something you did that pushed them away, maybe your insecurities or maybe something completely different. Take a moment to see if you also played a part in their decision and know that you can improve some aspects of yourself.

4. Because it’s not always about us

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Maybe they were looking for something else. It’s possible that time has made them realize that they need something else from a relationship. Of course, it’s hard to not take it personal under these circumstances. Maybe it’s about a passion they want to pursue or move to a different place. No matter the reason, this just means you weren’t that compatible with each other.

5. Because maybe you were the only one trying to make things work

It does take two to tango. If you were the only one putting in the work and effort needed to make a relationship work, then it’s probably better that they left. You need someone who will give themselves entirely to you and commits themselves at all times.

6. Because sometimes letting go is kinder than holding someone back

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You need to let them go and respect their decision. Maybe they felt they weren’t making progress in some aspect of their lives. So they thought it’s better to put an end to the relationship now than resent you later for holding them back.

7. Because you have become too dependent

Co-dependency is a serious problem. Perhaps they felt you were becoming too needy or clingy and needed to break free. If personal freedom is something they cherish very much, then this explains why walking away felt like the right call for them.

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8. Because you two stopped making sense together

Perhaps one of you ended up controlling the other. Or maybe the love was gone. These were signs that they came into your life to teach you something, about love and relationships, about yourself. Be at peace if you feel you’ve come to important realizations. It would not have been possible if they hadn’t left your life. Time to let go now.

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