10 Best Natural Remedies To Relieve Headaches Right Away

Headaches can range from mildly annoying to devastating. But before we run to the pills cupboard, we should know there are natural ways to alleviate the pain. Even in cases of excruciating migraines. The greatest thing about these natural remedies is that we can find most of them in our homes. So no need to take a trip to the local store.

So here they are. Next time you’re dealing with a headache, try some of these and see what works best for you.

1. Hydrate

First things first. Most of the times, we get a headache simply because we are dehydrated. If that’s the case, then drinking a glass of water will do the trick.

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2. Avoid eye strain

Eye fatigue can definitely be a cause of headaches. Chances are you will find some relief if you take a break from working on the computer. Go take some fresh air or just lie down with your eyes closed.

3. Detox bath

Taking a hot bath can work wonders, especially after an exhausting day at work. It’s not only super relaxing but also helps us to rid our bodies of toxins. You can try an epsom salt bath or pouring a few drops of essential oil (lavender, jasmine) in the hot water.

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4. Essential oils

Aromatherapy is incredible for our mental and physical. Essential oils simply abound in health benefits. One of them is that they can relieve headaches and help you relax. So when everything else fails, try putting a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil on your temples and forehead. You’ll soon experience a sweet relief.

5. Yoga

If you’re new to yoga, simply stretching and moving will provide some release from the tension you’ve accumulated. The trouble may lie in your posture so make sure you adopt the proper one. This will prevent you from developing nasty headaches in the future.

6. Meditation

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Meditation techniques like taking deep breaths can help you tune into your body. Both at a physical and emotional level. Maybe your headache is caused by some tension in the family or a stressful incident at your job. Work with your body and mind, and not against them.

7. Herbs

Plants like feverfew or butterbur can help you diminish your headache, as well as reduce frequency. They can also reduce the inflammatory effect of chemicals that trigger headaches, as well as ease other symptoms of migraines (like nausea).

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8. Acupressure

Acupressure is a special kind of massage that will get your rid of your headache almost instantly. It’s a form of acupuncture and reflexotherapy and doesn’t require special medical knowledge. Just a few minutes of your time.

9. Cayenne pepper

Yes, indeed. Surprisingly, cayenne pepper can stimulate your body’s circulation and relax your muscles right away. You could also try capsaicin cream and apply it on your skin.

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10. Hot & cold compresses

Oddly enough, both hot and cold compresses can ease the headache away. If you’re feeling tense, try applying heat to the back of your neck – this will loosen the muscles that tightened and gave you a headache. You can also wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it on your forehead.

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