10 Weird Habits Of People With Concealed Depression

It seems that depression is starting to affect the lives of more and more people. What’s worse is that many of those struggling choose to hide this psychological problem. And so, they are left to deal with it on their own, which makes the depression stronger.

Perhaps you have a friend that is battling with this every day. Or maybe you think you may be suffering from depression or anxiety but haven’t looked for support. Here are 10 habits of people who are going through this.

1. They have secret cries for help

They may refrain from telling you what’s going on for fear of stigma and so on. If you notice their inner turmoil, let them know they have a shoulder that they can cry on. Show support, but make sure you’re not being pushy.

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2. They are often artistic and like to express themselves

There are many artists and famous people who have dealt with depression. Whatever they say about the link between excruciating pain and art must be true. Some seek refuge in whatever helps them express their emotions; anything to let them out. From writers like Sylvia Plath to comedians like Robin Williams, Jim Carrey or Bill Hicks, no one is exempt from depression.

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3. They have abnormal sleeping patterns

Usually, depression interferes a lot in people’s sleeping habits. Some may feel like they could spend days on end in their bed. These are the over-sleepers who often seek solace in sleeping all day long. Others suffer from insomnia and can’t sleep a wink.

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4. They create their own remedies

Everyone needs something to hold on to in days of grief, but for people with depression this is crucial. They need to feel they have something to hang on to at all times. So they create unique habits that will work for them. Like listening to music, or journaling or drawing.

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5. Most of them have abandonment issues

Each of us suffers a great deal when someone dear walks away from our lives. But people with depression take the heartbreak to another level. For them, it is the end of the world, of their universe as they know it. These abandonment issues may also stem from childhood.

6. They always have the worst on their minds

Especially if they’re also dealing with anxiety. Depressed people are known for not being the most optimistic of us. But that’s because the mental illness makes them see life with a different pair of lens. So don’t judge.

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7. They have problematic eating habits

Depression can affect one’s relationship to food as well. Some people feel the need to overeat as a way of coping with whatever it is they are going through. Others won’t eat for days simply because they can’t. It’s also the case that some people shift from one extreme to the other in terms of eating habits.

8. They can’t stop overthinking

If we stopped to listen to a depressed person’s brain, we would be overwhelmed. People with this mental illness usually have the tendency to ruminate and worry a lot.

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9. They always put on a smile to hide what’s inside

So that the others never know what’s underneath. They do this to cover up mess, sadness, anger, regret, loneliness and so on. Take a closer look and see if you can help any of your friends today.

10. They are purpose seekers

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People with depression will question existence a lot. That’s because they literally lack the energy to do something else. Somehow, this issue will force them to stop and tune in to their inner voices.

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