10 Heartbreaking Photos Of Pollution That Will Inspire You To Recycle

We should all try to make a difference and keep the environment clean. We have the power to make the world a better place.

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20 million Americans mobilized on April 22, 1970; 30 years later, that number was up to 200 million citizens of the Earth. What was the cause that brought these people together? The desire to make the Earth a better place.

Earth Day is not a holiday, but an annual event dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental action. Consider the math: in many Western countries, each person generates 4.3lb (1.95kg) of waste every day, up from 2.7 (1.2kg) in 1960. There are now 7.3 billion people in the world; with the current population growth rate of 1.1%, this means that in roughly 64 years, the Earth’s population will be almost 15 billion.

Compiled by Bored Panda, these photos show the heartbreaking reality of pollution:

#1 Albatross killed by excessive plastic ingestion in Midway Islands (North Pacific)

#2 Bird in oil spill

#3 Oiled Penguins

#4 Tortoise trapped by plastic

#5 Surfing on a wave full of trash in Java (Indonesia), the world’s most populated island

#6 Koala lost her home

#7 Turtle trapped in plastic waste couldn’t grow

#8 Suffering seal not safe in its own habitat

#9 Stork trapped in plastic

#10 He spend each morning looking for recyclable plastic that he can sell for 35 cents per kilo to help his family

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