10 Reasons Why Gemini Will Be An Awesome Lover In 2017


Can there really be too many roses and love notes at your door? Gemini, get ready for some great news about this year’s tendency. Read on to find out why the Gemini lover will be spectacular in 2017.

Right from the beginning of 2017, people born under the Gemini sign will be surrounded by love and romance. The position of the planets in your area forecasts the time of your life when it comes to romantic lineup. Jupiter, the planet of fortune, is in your area of romance. This is exactly what makes you so charming and irresistible.

Having Jupiter on your relationship and love area until October should make you relax and enjoy all the loving bliss that will come your way. Have a fire extinguisher close by because sexual attractions may be exploding everywhere around you. The Gemini horoscope also predicts that a new person you believe to be a friend could come into your life and mesmerize you completely.

Now let’s see which qualities make the Gemini lover the shining star of this year:

You will not get bored with a Gemini, that’s for sure.

They love to stimulate your intelligence. If you want a lover that will make your creative and smart juices flow, this is it.

Gemini has a natural irresistible magnetism. Due to their incredible charm, they have it easy when it comes to finding a compatible life partner.

They have good taste in everything, ranging from people, to things, food, movies etc.

They will give you the world on a silver platter. If you ask for it, of course. They are willing to offer you the greatest romantic deals.

Gemini’s sexuality is filled with a sense of adventure as they love experiencing fresh and exciting things.

They generally bring fun in your life. Gemini people are good at spreading joy all around and their funny side is pretty attractive to most signs.

They connect with their lover strongly. People under this sign manage to develop very strong bonds with their partners if they feel they have the proper space to grow and be free.

Watch the video below to celebrate Gemini people! And please make sure you check out the 10 truths about Gemini!

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