10 Signs You Are Probably An Ambivert

The long battle between introverts and extroverts has suffered some changes lately. We’ve become more aware of the magical power of the introverts when Susan Cain published Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. This book indeed revolutionized the way we perceive introverts, who have been mostly ignored until now.

So now that we agree that everyone is special in their own way, what about the rest of us? Those who feel they don’t fit into any of the two personality types. Do not fear, because we have news for you: you might actually be an ambivert! Here are the undeniable signs you’re neither an extrovert nor an introvert!

1. You don’t feel drained when you’re socializing a lot, but neither when you’re alone

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In other words, your energy levels are fine at all times. So you’re in a very sweet spot!

2. You are generally pleased with your plans for the weekend

Because you feel comfortable in most environments, you will be satisfied if you spend your weekend reading a book at home or attending a wild party.

3. Your friends can’t really tell if you’re an introvert or an extrovert

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They’ve always had a hard time figuring you out. Now you can let them know about this!

4. You are more than ok with a party or concert as well as with a meditation session (or anything in between)

This means you are highly adaptable to any environment.

5. You don’t relate to what people are saying about introverts and extroverts

You’ve read many things on the Internet about these 2 categories, but somehow never identifies with either. Well, today is your lucky day!

6. You have a hard time understanding people who prefer to avoid spending time alone or would rather not attend social events

That’s because you’re equally satisfied with being in a crowd or by yourself. Pretty cool!

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7. You know when to talk and when to keep quiet during conversations

Ambiverts would perform both actions with ease. That’s because they know intuitively when to intervene in a talk and when to focus on listening.

8. You are shy and people confuse that with being an introvert

Shyness has nothing to do with these personality types.

9. You become friends with people who are more like you

That’s because we tend to choose our friends based on how much we have in common with them.

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10. You feel you finally belong somewhere, after reading all of the above