10 Struggles Only A Perfectionist Will Understand

Being inside the mind of someone who’s a perfectionist can be scary. And that’s because it always strives to achieve the un-achievable: perfection. Struggling to correct or point out all sorts of mistakes all day long can be very tiring as being a perfectionist is not exactly a choice.

The pursuit of perfection do comes at a cost and most often it’s not something we can control. People who struggle with this are usually crippled by self-doubt, insecurity or worry. There are probably many perfectionists out there who develop anxiety or even depression as they come to realize some goals are unattainable.

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If you can relate to most of these things, then you might be a perfectionist:

1. You can’t understand how well other people cope with imperfections

It’s very difficult for someone who is dealing with this to grasp the idea that some people are alright with a messy chaotic life. Although we find imperfections everywhere in our universe, some of us just find it harder to tolerate them.

2. Failure is not an option

Getting a B at an exam just won’t cut it for you. You’re an A+ student, at school and in life and you must act accordingly. This is why these people may feel like they’re under pressure, more than those who accept without scrutiny imperfect results.

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3. Minor things upset you more than they should

For one, spelling mistakes drive you insane. No wonder perfectionists make good writers, editors and technicians or analysts. They want everything to look polished and perfect, well-prepared in advance if possible, just like a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

4. It usually takes hours for you to prepare for something

Whether it’s for work, going out or prepare for a task, you take your time with it. It’s not that you’re slower than the rest of the world, you just want it to be perfect. This could also explain why you’re always late for meetings.

5. You can’t take criticism from other people

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This is one of the most difficult aspects. When someone points out to a mistake we’ve made, we tend to feel like complete failures. That’s because we always want to improve and learn from our mistakes.

6. You are very competitive

That’s because perfectionists care about their image. Whether it’s about playing a game with friends or being at the top when performing at work, you want to keep it neat. You want to be better, than the way you were yesterday, than the people around us.

7. You tend to procrastinate

Procrastination is your middle name. That’s because sometimes a perfectionist feels so much under pressure that they can’t even get near a small task. So they prefer to put it off. It’s because they feel that this way they are diminishing the risk of failure.

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8. It takes a long time to recover from a mistake or a setback

One tiny mistake for you feels like a failure, like the entire world has gone extinct. While most people let go and move on, a perfectionist will dwell on the matter for a while. This is why most perfectionists are masters when it comes to ruminating.

9. You don’t look for mistakes. But they know where you live

It’s not like you want things to be faulty all the time. But they just are. Not only that, they appear to scream in your face that the world isn’t as flawless as you’d like it to be.

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10. You are never satisfied

This is a double-edged sword. Not being satisfied with the results of your work can push you to work harder and achieve excellence. In most fields, this is a major upside. However, it can also be a daunting experience that will most likely stress you out.

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