3 Boundaries You Must Set In Your Relationship

If you want to make the intimacy you feel at the beginning of a relationship last, an important ingredient is to know how to set boundaries. Here are the 3 cases when this will make the relationship better.

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1. Stay your own person

While spending time together, learning from your partner and embracing their passions can be a very rewarding experience, it’s important for you to be your own person. To keep your own dreams alive, to have your own opinions and values and to spend time alone with your thoughts and feelings.

2. Keep your personal hygiene to yourself

While the familiarity that comes from brushing your teeth together or leaving the bathroom door open may speak of our need for intimacy, it can also be a slow descent into a brotherly relationship, that can suggest that you’re taking your partner for granted.

3. Take turns being in charge

Mutual respect is an essential ingredient to a healthy relationship. Mutual respect implies that the decision-making process is not monopolized by neither one of the partners. In other words, a healthy relationship is one where each of the partners has the same amount of power.

Respecting each other’s boundaries fosters intimacy and trust. Please, share this!