Why Giving Your Partner Space Is A Good Idea

Giving your partner some space when they need it is nothing to be afraid about. In fact, it can be very helpful to the relationship. Here is why.

When a partner says they need space, what do they really asking? They ask for a pause. Not necessarily from you, but from a emotionally charged situation. When somebody has been working hard and takes a pause, nobody would think to judge them for it, since we all need a pause from time to time.

But when it comes to romantic relationships, “I need space” is the phrase that most of us see as announcing the end of relationship. Hence, the defensiveness, the hurt and the panic.

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But why is that? If we really think about it, giving our partner some space is a win-win situation. They will have the opportunity to think things through and reconnect to who they are. If the relationship is important to them, this introspection will let them know.

If it is not, again, they will find out and they will put an end to it. Which may be painful for you, but at least you won’t get stuck into something that goes nowhere.

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People find it difficult to give their partener space because they are afraid of being alone with themselves. Or because they don’t trust them enough to come back after that. Or because they are the possessive type.

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Anyhow, giving your partner space at the right moment and learning to ask for the same when you feel you need it can make all the difference in the world. Please, share this!