3 Powerful Signs You Have A Real Emotional Connection With Them

So many people cross our paths during our lifetime and yet we only develop real deep connections with a few. Finding that genuine emotional connection is probably at the basis of most of our actions. What makes us crave it so much is the knowledge that we don’t choose when we find it. It often just happens. And then all the magic ensues.

Here are 3 major signs that you have found that special emotional connection with someone:

1. You feel physically and emotionally safe around them

More than safe, you feel calm and at ease. When you are around each other, you know that your troubling thoughts and concerns simply go away. You feel like there is nothing you could not talk about, no matter how intimate or heavy or taboo.

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2. You have deep and meaningful conversations with them

The flow of your late night conversations is incredible. That is because neither of you is afraid to open up and be honest. This creates a sense of intimacy that is very rare, the kind that transcends any kind of physical intimacy. In most cases, they complement each other.

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3. You feel you can be yourself around them

You know you don’t have to put up a mask around this person because they’ve already made it very clear they accept who you are. They’ve seen you at your worst, they’ve witnessed your weirdest craziest aspect of you and decided you are all worth it. You have let your guard down because being vulnerable around them feels not only safe, but rewarding.

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