4 Surprising Reasons Why Physical Touch Is So Important

It’s easy to take the sense of touch for granted, especially if we are outgoing and constantly surrounded by people. We tend to favor vision or hearing and for the right reasons: we literally could not live without them. Playing the music of our hearts or watching a superb sunset can definitely relax us and soothe our soul.

But physical touch is just as important. In fact, human touch is quite special so we should never discard its healing abilities. Here are 4 major reasons why touch matters a great deal in our everyday lives:

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1. Touch helps you connect to other people

Whenever we touch or hug someone, our bodies will instantly react. If it’s a stranger, we could feel anxious or uncomfortable. If it’s cuddling with your lover, then our pleasure center is activated. Or maybe a friend of ours is going through turbulent times. We may hug them tightly or give them a pat on the shoulders telling them it will all work out in the end. If we are sometimes at a loss for words, we may use the sense of touch to express how we feel for someone.

2. Touch helps with giving and receiving positive energy

When we get a warm touch from a dear friend or caresses from our loved one, they will lift our mood right away. According to science, when this happens, our brain releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. So we are instantly flooded with good vibes. So if you want to spread your good energy, it’s enough to give your best smile and your warmest touch, handshake or hug.

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3. Physical touch helps with healing

No wonder there are so many forms of massage out there! These can work wonders, not only for our skin and bodies, but for relaxing our minds as well. Massages, acupuncture and other such remedies have been used for centuries. And because there is such a strong connection between body and mind, their healing powers are two-fold. Some psychologists even use touch as a method to heal patients who are victims of sexual abuse.

4. Touch helps us communicate

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Human touch creates a space between us and the other person in which we can communicate safely and genuinely. Some of us may struggle with verbal communication so if words fail us, we can always go hug the person we love and the message will get across immediately.

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