3 Reasons Why It’s OK To Be Attracted To Other People

It’s a common conception that is bad to be attracted to other people while in a stable relationship. Not only bad but mischievous and downright immoral. We spend our time living in guilt and feeling remorseful every time we experience attraction for people outside the relationship.

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Well, it’s time to stop thinking that this is a toxic thing and start thinking that it might be healthy for the relationship. It is normal not to have eyes only for your partner. It’s natural, biology says so. This is inevitable, and we have human nature to prove that.

People who are in happy relationships and marriages feel awful when they find someone else attractive. It’s perfectly normal to find multiple people attractive and interesting at the same time.

What must be avoided is acting upon those feelings of attraction. That’s when you endanger your relationship.

If not pursued, those feelings will fade out eventually and you will be left with the same kind of relationship as before. Psychologists say it’s even healthier to allow yourself to have these feelings and then let them go. Why? Because if you try to hide and repress them, they come back to haunt you, that is to say, to take control of you. When you give them power you simply let them dictate your demeanour. Instead of deciding on your own, choosing not to do anything about it.

One thing is for certain. We enjoy interacting with attractive people, that’s not going to change along with our relationship status. It’s in our nature and we should stop feeling guilty about it.

We only control our actions, not our thoughts and feelings. When we commit to a person, we’re not entrusting them our thoughts and emotions. In this kind of situation, the sole behavior we can take control of is our actions, that’s what we give to that special person.

Remember, stop feeling guilty if you find someone else attractive, it’s healthy and completely natural! Share this!