3 Things Most People Get Wrong About Relationships

We believe all kinds of things about successful relationships, failed relationships, unconsumed or passionate ones. But do we really know if these statements are true? Let’s have a look at some of the most popular myths about relationships and unveil the truth, based on facts, of course.

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Author of the book “5 Simple Steps To Take Your Marriage From Good to Great, relationship expert and therapist Terri Orbuch lists some of the most famous myths about relationships we need to stop believing.

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1. Opposites attract

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Research shows that people who share similarities are more likely to develop happy and strong long-term relationships. Yes, it’s cool to have different taste in music, movies or food, but the aspects of life that matter should be the key facts that hold you two together. Share the same life values and you’ll probably grow old together.

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2. A perfect relationship is a conflict-free one

Partners who do not fight and don’t exhibit any conflict in their relationship are said to be subjects of blissful relationships. Nothing could be more wrong. Where there is no fuss inside a marriage, we may be talking about a one-dimensional relationship where things that matter aren’t exactly addressed. These couples are not happy over time.

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3. Separate lives make a relationship last longer

There are many people who think having separate lives adds quite an excitement to the relationship, preventing it from going sour. In reality, it’s good to be independent but keeping your life out of reach will eventually help couples grow apart rather than bringing them together.

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