5 Things You Should Do When You Feel Lonely In Your Marriage

There’s nothing worse than being married and still feeling lonely. If you realize this, there are some things you can do before making a drastic decision.

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1. Ask yourself what exactly is wrong

Before confronting your partner, you should know exactly how you feel and why. What are you missing, what kind of intimacy was there once and you no longer enjoy? Is it sexual, emotional or intellectual?

2. Don’t make excuses for your partner

Even though there could be good and rational explanations for the situation you are in, don’t excuse your partner’s behavior. They may be busy or unable to express themselves emotionally, but this does not mean you should put your emotional needs aside.

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3. Confront your partner

As much as you might hope, the problem wont’ go away just because you ignore it. The sooner you gather your courage to talk with your spouse about how you are feeling, the higher the chances the problem could be solved.

4. Discuss, don’t attack

Words are important. Choose them wisely. Don’t back your partner into a corner and don’t blame them for everything! Communicate your feelings clearly and sincerely and give them a chance to tell you how they are feeling and why.

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5. Find solutions together

If your partner agrees that your marriage is indeed in trouble and that the problem is real, you should find a solution together. Find ways to get closer that are realistic and work for both of you. If your solutions don’t work, give marriage counseling a chance.

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