10 Signs You Have A Genuine Emotional Connection With Someone

A deep authentic connection is almost like the Holy Grail nowadays. So many people are in relationships, so very few of them genuinely connected.

In some cases, it may be nothing more than an established physical “partnership” or the friends with benefits type of thing. There are also couples who’ve agreed to not get emotionally involved due to prior heartbreak. The contexts are numerous. But perhaps you’ve met someone and hit it off right away. The chemistry and the conversation are incredible. So you’re just wondering if it’s the real deal.

Here are 10 signs you’ve established a genuine connection with them:

1. Communication goes smoothly

If your conversations have a natural flow to them and you feel that nothing is ever forced, then you’re without a doubt a match.

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If two people are only in for the physical benefits, then there will be more action less talk. But when you’re also friends with someone with whom you have a lot in common with, you will enjoy your talks just as much as everything else.

2. You are not afraid to be your weirdest self around them

You can do that because you are certain they will not judge you. We all have our quirks and maybe even weird routines. But we display them around our partner with ease because they show understanding.

Also, it’s not only about feelings or the ability to communicate. Being a couple implies having lots of fun too. So what if they’re the love of your life? There’s no reason why you can’t be goofballs together.

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3. You share a powerful mutual respect

This comes along with the love package. Or it should, at least. This means your connection is so strong that you can’t lie, cheat or deceive the other in any way. That’s because you know it’s all in the detriment of the relationship and you just can’t endanger such a special commitment.

4. You don’t seek an opportunity to get in touch – you just do

When you miss them or just want to hear their voice, you will confess all these things. You won’t make up excuses to talk to them or see them simply because you don’t have to. When what you have is so real, you are open and honest about what you’re feeling and where you are at with respect to the relationship.

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5. You are not concerned that people may judge what you two have

People will gossip and judge no matter what you do. Maybe because happiness is so envied that they will try to rob you of yours through petty things. You just happen to cherish your relationship so much that you will focus on growing, as a couple just as much as as an individual.

Of course your friends and family will give their opinion. But the feelings you have for your partner will prevail.

6. You know how to fight (when you do)

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Every couple has their arguments. This is a normal, natural and healthy aspect. It only turns toxic when there is blame and attacking. You two know how to control a fight because you are emotionally aware. You know each other’s triggers and so you keep an eye on what troubles you.

7. You can joke around without either of you taking it personally

Your sense of humor when you get together is out of this world. You have your own puns and inside jokes and you won’t back down from anything. Because it’s so much fun.

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8. You are able to talk openly about your feelings

That could be the number one indicator that you have a healthy and deep connection. You have a strong urge to express even your deepest darkest secrets because you want to get to know each other better. And you know they won’t walk away if you say something odd. If you can tell them how you feel without making them feel blamed or attacked, then you’ve won the big prize. It’s called talking successfully about your emotions.

9. You can disagree with each other without showing lack of respect

You can’t agree on everything, no matter how well you get along. That’s because we’re all unique in our ways, with different backgrounds and upbringing. But you disagree so elegantly that it’s almost a joy to learn the other’s perspective.

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10. You show care and understanding for each other no matter what

This is paramount. A true emotional connection cannot be devoid of deep understanding and affection. You care for one another and you express it with every chance you get.

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