4 Super Strengths Of Shy People

Who said being shy is a bad thing? In a world that promotes exposure and attention at all levels of society, being timid is something frowned upon by many. It’s a total misconception that reserved people have it worse than others. On the contrary, the quiet ones are often the most intriguing.

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Not all shy people are socially anxious, most of them give volume to the tone once they get comfortable around the people they meet. The moment they are in a cozy environment, they break out of their shell in no time. Being reserved has its perks, take a look for yourself:

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1. Good listeners

They listen carefully to other people and form an opinion after they think a bit. They don’t rush into saying things, people who are shy actually sit and listen before making a statement. It’s not that they can’t find their words or don’t have anything to say, they only take their time to process and filter the information before selecting the stuff they want to utter.

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2. A deep connection with friends

Quiet people don’t run around seeking to be liked. They build friendships that last and connect with the friends they’ve made at a deeper level. They set no price upon the superficial and value the importance of a relationship.

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3. Calming and warming

It’s refreshing to meet people who are not putting themselves out there all the time. Sometimes not choosing to overly express your feelings and emotions is the most calming thing ever.

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4. Modesty is their strong arm

Being modest nowadays is somewhat exhilarating. Most people tell you their whole story like greased lightning, in a matter of seconds. Leaving some room for mystery makes people want to learn more about you.

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