5 Beliefs Most Emotionally Healthy People Have

Being healthy is more than adopting the right diet, getting enough sleep and measuring your alcohol intake. It’s also having the right beliefs about yourself. Here are some healthy beliefs that should be the foundation of your emotional well-being.

1. I can do this

True grit is a mix of courage and perseverance. It’s a difficult thing to stay the course of your own plans and dreams when nothing goes your way. To know that your happiness depends on your own action, that you can do whatever you put your mind into is to be a truly independent person and to become the architect of your own life.

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2. My mistakes don’t define me

To be emotionally healthy also means knowing that you cannot control everything. Mistakes will be made, accidents will happen, and outcomes will be disappointing, in spite of your best efforts. To know how and when to accept that you made a mistake, to learn from it and to move on is to be flexible and tolerant towards yourself.

3. Everybody is worthy of respect

You might not like everybody you meet, you may disagree with them or even don’t understand them at all, but you must respect them. There is literally nobody in the world whom you can despise in good consciousness, whom you can mistreat or insult and still consider yourself a good person.

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4. I can laugh at myself

OK, you are totally responsible for what your life looks like and this can be a hard truth to accept. But this does not mean you have to be grumpy and serious all the time. Being able to laugh and most importantly laugh at yourself is an essential quality that will help you through hard times and happy moments alike.

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5. I deserve love

We all want love. But sometimes is hard to see ourselves as worthy of love. Self-doubt, emotional or physical abuse, low self-esteem can really take a toll on our self-image. We can come to believe that we are not entitled to receive and give love. But you are worthy of love, just like everybody else. Please, share this!