5 Clues You Are About To Let Go Of The Familiar And Embrace The New

You know how they say that comfort zones are great but that nothing ever grows there? Or that comfort zones are where dreams go to die? Well, it’s true. Discomfort is a sign that you were brave enough to step out of that zone into something bigger and better for yourself. We often think of this feeling as unhappiness but in fact, it’s nothing but a springboard. It might take us exactly where we want to go.

Here are 5 uncomfortable feelings that show you’re on the right track.


1. You feel lost.

Usually, this is the first sign which indicates that change is gonna come. Losing our sense of direction means we are only beginning to wake up to life around us. We start seeing things that we took for granted from a different perspective and we’re becoming more present. Although it feels you’re off track, in reality you’re not. You’re only reassessing your life goals.

2. You have an intense need to be alone.

Suddenly, socializing all the time doesn’t appeal to you so much anymore. You are starting to recognize that spending meaningful time alone will have a positive impact in your life.

3. Your groups of friends suffer changes.

If you’re becoming less tolerant with people around you, it means you are now more aware of people’s negative energy and you learn to let go of all negativity that can hold you back.

4. You’re not sure of who you really are.

This is probably one of the most uncomfortable feelings simply because we rely so much on our personal identity and when that’s unsure, we’re lost. But this is a sign that you are questioning yourself at the deepest level. This doesn’t imply self-esteem issues, but it’s more of an indicator that you are truly evolving as an individual.

5. You’ve just experienced a life-changing event.

When something huge happens in your life, it’s usually there to teach us a lesson and help us grow. Take a look at recent life changes such as a new job, the loss of someone dear, moving to a different town and see how you can use that to your advantage.

Other signs of positive change in your life include vivid intense dreams, random and irrational thoughts or weird sleeping patterns.


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