5 Habits All Morning People Have In Common

Have you always desired to turn into an early bird? Getting up in the morning can be tough for both larks and night owls but if you do these five things, you might actually get a smooth wake-up and eventually become a morning person.

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It’s quite baffling how one can absolutely love mornings and the fresh smell of dawn but still be absolutely charmed by the magic that comes with dark hours. Nights are the sanctuary of contemplation, an oasis of stillness that entails reverie and the possibility of everything.

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Some say you cannot make the switch. Once you’re born a night bird you cannot become a lark. But you may have a chance of rising early in the morning if you adopt these five habits that all morning people have in common.

1. Don’t eat like a horse before bed

Eating large meals before going to sleep or too close to your bedtime can cause a lot of health problems such as heartburns, insomnia or weight gain. If you pass the large supper and instead have a little snack, you’ll have a better sleep The body needs to rest, not digest food during the night. Additionally, alcohol disrupts the quality of sleep even though it can help you drift off faster. Have your last serious meal two or three hours and drink alcohol at least four hours before going to bed.

2. Relax as you know best

Relaxing before going to bed makes you fall sweetly asleep. Find ways of de-stressing to your liking but avoid watching television or scrolling down your newsfeed. This kind of activities really entice you and keep you glued to the screen. The bright light makes falling asleep even more difficult for it suppresses the hormone that promotes sleep, melatonin. Reading a book, drinking a warm glass of milk or taking a warm bath should do the trick.

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3. Create your sleep routine

You should know this by now, having a sleep routine will make your internal clockwork at its best. Sleep and wake are controlled by our internal clock so try to maintain a steady sleep and wake routine, it will definitely contribute to your wish of becoming a morning person.

4. Run towards the light

Bright light is defining for easy mornings, it helps reset your body clock and keep your circadian rhythm in check. Start your day with a spot of sunbathing, it will improve your overall health and productivity.

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5. It’s OK to be dizzy

Don’t panic if you’re not alert first thing in the morning. The brain needs about 15 minutes to really wake up. That dizzy feeling we all experience when we open our eyes is called sleep inertia and basically, it means the brain is still in a sleep state. That’s why some of us wake up, turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep again. Sleep inertia helps you do that and is affected by prior sleep loss, time a day or if you wake from deep sleep or not.

If you do these 5 things regularly, you’ll definitely become a morning person! Pass this on!