If You Want To Get Good Quality Sleep, Avoid These 5 Bedtime Habits

According to recent statistics, one in three American adults struggle with insomnia. Even those who do manage to sleep have to deal with poor quality sleep. The causes for these issues range from high levels of stress to anxiety or depression. You should consult with your doctor if the sleeping troubles continue.

However, sometimes the reasons for bad quality of sleep are all about what we do before bedtime. Here are 5 habits we should definitely avoid before going to sleep:

1. Drinking coffee later in the afternoon

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Everybody knows that caffeine heightens your senses and makes you more alert. The reason why we should all avoid this beverage after lunch or about six hours before going to bed is clear. It will make you toss and turn and keep you awake. The same goes for green or black tea. So make sure you consume either of them early in the morning.

2. Smoking or drinking alcohol before going to bed

Smoking and consuming large amounts of alcohol are bad for our health in general. They interfere with our lifestyles a lot and yes, they can even affect the quality of our sleep. While it’s true that alcohol can make you fall asleep faster, it’s just as true that it can disrupt your sleep throughout the night. Obviously, this will contribute to that feeling of grogginess in the morning.

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3. Eating large meals right before you go to sleep

Going to bed right after eating a wholesome Thanksgiving dinner is a bad idea. Our bodies digest the food a lot slower later in the day so we need a few hours between a large meal and sleep time. Going to bed on an empty stomach is also a bad idea. For the best quality sleep, try eating a balanced and healthy meal at least a couple of hours before bedtime.

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4. Drinking too much water

Or any other drinks. Needless to say, drinking lots of water will disrupt our sleep and prevent us from feeling rested the following day. If you’ve woken up several times per night before, you know what we mean. Of course, staying hydrated is important, but the best option is to drink plenty of water during the day.

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5. Using your bedroom for work or other activities

Keep your bedroom for sleep (and intimacy) only. It is much harder to disconnect and enjoy a peaceful sleep if you bring work or stress-related activities in bed with you. To ensure high quality sleep, keep away any electronic devices like TV, laptop or your smartphone. As tempting as these may be, associating your bedroom with rest and instead of scrolling on Facebook is what we need for a good night’s sleep.

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