What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

The way we sleep can reveal so much about us. It’s not only our dreams that shed a light on our subconscious thoughts, but also our sleeping position. And it’s something we don’t really have control over.

Here are the most common sleeping positions and what they say about your personality:

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1. The Fetal Position

Everyone is familiar with this one. It’s when we curl up in bed to shield ourselves from the bad world out there. People who sleep this way often are usually tough on the outside and kind and tender on the inside. They have deep thoughts and emotions and can get hurt easily.

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2. The Starfish Position

This is when we sleep on our stomach or on our backs, but taking up a lot of space. Hence the name. The hands and legs could be in any position. If you tend to occupy a lot of space when you sleep, then you’re a starfish sleeper. This means you are a cool, laid back person who is almost constantly cheerful. You’re usually as free as a bird and your sleeping position reflects just that.

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3. The Log Position

This is when you sleep on your back or on the side with your hands by your side. It may look like a rigid sleeping position, but these people are far from it. In fact, they are quite socially active and enjoy a good challenge. Most of the times, they are friendly and like an open book.

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4. Side sleepers

As the name suggests, these are the people who sleep on their sides for the most part of the night. Because this position is ideal for cuddling, this shows how caring and sensitive they are. Also, they feel the need to protect their ideas and values a lot.

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5. Stomach sleepers

These are the people who sleep on their stomach with one or both hand(s) under the pillow. They are usually the diplomats as they hate conflict. They are also very good at negotiating and maintaining secrets. This is what makes them generally reliable and trustworthy people.

So what’s your sleeping position? Don’t forget to pass this along!

Photos credit: Tokiomarine.com