Elvis’ Granddaughter Looks So Much Like Him It’s Insane

You probably already know who Elvis Presley’s granddaughter is. The model-turned-actress starred in a miniseries that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance. Read on to find out what’s the show called and how much she and ‘The King’ look alike.

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The king of rock ’n’ roll ‘left the building’ 41 years ago but he still holds a sweet spot in the hearts of millions of people. He changed the history of music, mixing blues, gospel and country to create what today is called rock n’ roll. Ultimately, Elvis changed American pop culture forever. Unfortunately, he departed our world too soon, at only 42 years of age.

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Elvis Presley was born in 1945 in Tupelo, Mississippi and moved to Memphis when he was 13. He began his music career in 1954 and later turned to acting, starring in some great movies throughout his career.

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In 1967, Elvis married Priscilla Beaulieu and a year later, they became the parents of a little girl, Lisa Marie. The king died when his daughter was just 9 years old but Lisa Marie followed in her father’s footsteps, pursuing a musical and acting career.

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Lisa Marie Presley has taken to the spotlight in the 90s when she married Michael Jackson for a brief period of time and then Nicolas Cage, from whom she separated in 2004. But before meeting the two, she was married to Danny Keough and had a daughter in ’89, Riley Keough.

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