6 Traits Of People With The Rarest Personality Type (INFJ)

Only 2% of the world population has this type of personality. People with INFJ personality are complicated. They can be hard to spot because of their mixed often confusing traits. INFJ comes from introversion, intuition, feeling, judging. Read on to find out some of the features that define people with INFJ.

If you have any of these 6 traits, you belong to the world’s rarest personality type:

1. You have an intricate perspective on life

You never rush into making decisions.You take time to ponder about things before making the next step.You always invest in the future.

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2. You have great intuition

Though you reflect upon things much more than others, you also trust their gut. People with this personality type are deep thinkers and highly intuitive.

3. You’re able to read people

Apparently, you have a bent for seeing the true nature of people. You’re good at reading people, especially when they have evil thoughts.

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4. You often don’t fit in

Because you are so ‘different’, you often feel lonely, even if surrounded by lots of people.

5. It’s black or white with you

You never do anything halfway, you put quality over quantity in every aspect of life.

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6. You are diligent

You take your job really serious and put your heart in anything you set your mind to.

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