4 Things You Should Know About Loving The Very Rare ENFJ

ENFJs are people who have charisma, charm and who are always full of inspiration. This personality type is defined as being extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging.

But they’re so much more than that. Falling in love with this type will prove to be a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

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They are not only probably the most affectionate among all personality types, but are also rather unique. Only 2% of the population have this type so hold on to them if you find one!

Here are the other things you should know about ENFJ if you’re in love with them:

1. They are very tuned in to what you are feeling

These individuals genuinely care about those around them and will do anything necessary to make you feel loved and happy. It’s in their nature. This is what makes them the “givers” of the personality types.

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2. They are excellent communicators

They can strike up meaningful conversations with strangers and whoever is around them. Because they are extroverts, they find it easy to open up.

3. They need to feel loved and accepted

Sometimes, ENFJs want this very deeply. Although they are generally confident, these givers need reassurance every once in a while.

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4. They are very approachable and trustworthy

Because they’re very open minded and honest, this personality type will let you right in from the very beginning. And once you built trust in your relationship, there are few things that can break it.

All in all, ENFJs are sensitive, affectionate and very fun people. If you’re in love with one, keep them close and remind them how much you care for them! Please share this!