6 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is good for us as long as we drink it in small amounts. Whenever we cross the line and drink too much, our body reacts instantly and not in a good way. There are voices claiming that alcoholism is a ‘spiritual disease’ and that the use of spirits is, in fact, a method to connect with their inner demons. Some medical experts consider indulging in alcohol to be a way to cover up trauma and emotional pain.

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Large amounts of alcohol signal a drinking problem and we all know how that can damage your health. But even the social drinkers can see the benefits of abstaining from booze. Here are some good things that happen in your life when you quit alcohol:

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1. No more hangovers or headaches in the morning. Your health is improving almost instantly, with more energy throughout the day and less tiredness. Quitting alcohol may translate into amelioration in digestion, clearer skin, and even weight loss.

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2. Blissful sleep. It’s easier to fall asleep and to get up in the morning. You have a good night sleep and wake up feeling rested in the morning. You may even remember your dreams, which is quite spectacular, given the circumstances.

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3. Positive attitude. You feel motivated again, you pay more attention to yourself and look life with more gentle eyes.

4. Better mental health. Right away you’ll notice a definite improvement in your memory and mental clarity overall.

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5. Better communication. You are now aware of other people’s feelings. You are open to people and practice empathy, a terrain rather strange to you.

6. Saving money. There’s no question that if you quit drinking alcohol, you’ll save a lot of money.

It’s high time you stop drinking alcohol! Do it for you and for the people around you! Share this if you care, let’s make the world a better place!